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Mallorca has more than 2,000 hotels, offering a stunning total of over 300,000 guest beds. The range of accommodation is varied and offers sophisticated 5 -star hotels, cheap hostels and guesthouses, apartments, simple rooms in ordinary houses and in noble villas. A youth hostel is also available for students.

Hotels, Hostels and B&Bs

Mallorca hotels are in every category and price range, from the very cheap (less than 75 EUR), to the middle-range (75 to 130 EUR), to the upscale (from 130 EUR upwards). The cheaper accommodations can be found typically at hostels and B&Bs. Most hotels are booked on package deals, but direct booking via the Internet is becoming more and more popular every year. Especially at the height of the tourist season, but for the rest of the year as well, it’s recommended to fly to Mallorca only if you have reservations made in advance. Outside of the tourist season, from the beginning of the fall until summer the following year, many hotels offer special rates.
The star system advertised by the hotels is not always reliable. The Balearic Government passed a law that implemented the star classification for hotels only in 2011. Hotel operators were given the next 6 years to implement the system. Until then, it has been customary for Mallorcans to grant hotel stars based on the architectural features of the building and not, as is standard, according to quality standards, such as room facilities, dining facilities, recreational activities and service. Thus, even if the rating scale is between 1 and 5 stars, it’s entirely possible that you won’t feel any difference between a 3 and a 4-star hotel.

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Apartments are an interesting alternative to regular hotel rooms. Basically, you’ll have the range of an apartment (one or two rooms, with kitchen and bathroom), but also enjoy the conditions of a hotel. The various amenities that you’d normally find at a hotel, such as a pool, fitness and wellness rooms, and so on, can be shared on request. The same as with hotels, a new evaluation system has been recently introduced, which uses “nails” instead of stars. Unlike the hotels, for the apartments 4 “nails” is the maximum possible.

The Mallorcan Finca

A finca is a farm or estate. Estates offer rest and relaxation in the countryside. They are usually left as close to their original design as possible, with beams in the ceiling and/or natural stone façades. The range of prices and amenities is from simple estates to luxurious mansions. Most villas are located in the Serra de Tramuntana area.

Holiday Houses

For those who find hotels too crowded and noisy, there are rooms to let in the numerous apartments and villas, which offer excellent alternative accommodations. Especially for those traveling with the family, these can be considerably cheaper than hotels, and without completely giving up on luxury items, either. Depending on your budget, you can find some very well-equipped holiday houses. If you’ve already decided to rent a car, you can make yourself quite at home during your stay here. Cottages and villas can be particularly interesting, cost-wise, for those who travel in groups; for example, for two families that share a vacation together. Prices vary depending on the amenities provided, from the simplest cottages to the most luxurious villas which leave nothing to be desired. The more original houses are found mainly on the northern and eastern coasts. This group of properties also has its own, newly introduced, rating system, which uses “keys”. The maximum possible rating is 4 keys.

Hostels and Camping

For young people, hostels are the most interesting option, but you can only find them in Alcudia.

Alcudia (Alcúadia)
La Victoria, Ctra. Cap Pinar,
Tel: +34 (971) 545542
+34 (971) 545395

The official youth hostel Albergue Juvenil at the Playa de Palma has recently been closed down. Campsites are also rather scarce in Mallorca. There is only one official campsite at Lluc, which caters especially to hikers, cyclists and nature lovers.