Palma de Mallorca Airport , PMI

The airport of Mallorca is located in Palma and called in Spanish Aeropuerto de Son San Juan. From the point of view of passenger transport, this is the third largest airport in Spain (as of 2013). For most visitors, it is the main gateway to Mallorca and it makes a good start for the success of a fantastic holiday. On your arrival, you’ll find the officials quick and efficient. Here you can find a few notes on visas, customs, and transport links with buses or taxis.

Location of Mallorca Airport

Mallorca's airport is located about 8km east of Palma de Mallorca.


You’ll arrive on level zero, and you should follow the signs to passport control (for flights from outside the Schengen area), or, if you come from within the Schengen area, you can go directly to baggage claim. Non-EU citizens have to consider whether they must report goods to customs. If in doubt, ask the customs officers. Goods to report include, for example, cash amounts greater than 10,000 EUR, food items, expensive appliances (see also the European Commission regulations).

Means of Transport

There are several self-organized ways to get from the airport to your desired destination. There are the public buses, taxis, a shuttle service or a car rental car unit. The following bus lines are available:

  • Line 1 : Airport - City - Port (every 15 minutes)
  • Line 21 : S'Arenal - Airport (every 30 minutes)
The bus stops for both lines are at level 0, for the arrivals. The fare is 3 EUR, irrespective of your destination. Line 1 goes to the main attractions and the beach promenade, while line 21 goes to different hotels on Palma beach. For further information, call (971) 214 444.

Operator AENA
Passengers 22.768.082 (2013)
Transportation connection
Bus lines Line1 (Towards the city center), Line21 (Towards S'Arenal)