Cala Llombards

07650 Santanyí, Mallorca

Good to know
  • Beach Types : Sand Beach
  • Located : semi urban
  • Swimming Conditions : Moderate waves
  • Beach access : pedestrians, Vehicles, Boats
  • Degree of occupancy : high
  • Beach length : 55 m
  • Average width : 150 m
  • Blue Flag
  • Anchoring zone
  • Lifeguard : none
  • Shower

Length 55 m
Ø Width 150 m

  • City:
  • Beach Types:
    Sand Beach
  • Located:
    semi urban
  • Degree of occupancy:

Cala Llombards

Cala Llombards is a rocky sea inlet with quite a large sandy beach. The rocky cove is well protected from waves and provides exceptionally clear water. The pretty beach is sandy, approximately 60 m in length and well suited for children. Despite the many visitors the bay usually is not crowded. Some rustic boat houses line the shore.