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Golf Courses in Mallorca

Golf Courses

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Best season

Despite perennial season spring and autumn are ideal


Golf Course Association (ACGM)

The Golf Association of Mallorca, the Asociación de Campos de Golf de Mallorca, based in Palma, has on the summer 2015 newly launched site information about its 19 golf course members. Next there is information about tournaments and events on Mallorca's golf courses.


Golfers paradise in Europe

Good game! The golf scene in Mallorca has evolved since the '70s by a little-known sport to new golfers stronghold in Europe. For the attractive golf destination Mallorca speaks the relatively short distance (less than 2 hours flight time) of major European airports, the pleasant climate, the beautiful landscape and the variety of the island's golf courses. 24 maintained golf courses in scenic surroundings fantastic and of excellent quality can be, both for recreational players as well as for professional golfers nothing to be desired. Most golf courses are open to the public.
In the Association of Golf Courses of Mallorca (ACGM) are 19 member golf courses. The seat of the Golf Association is in Palma. Because Mallorca's Mediterranean climate is for golfers on the island year-round season and the journey time is determined solely by individual interests.



Green fee is the price paid by a golfer to play on a golf course. The current green fee prices on Mallorca can be found in the list of the respective golf courses.

Green fee rates


Golf club rental

Why toil with the golf bag on the trip? The Rental of golf clubs in Mallorca is a convenient option and saves a lot of stress on holiday. Offers for 1 week rent complete golf set, there are from 50 €.

Best Golf Season

The sport of golf has in Majorca, due to the Subtropenklima, throughout the year season and the golf courses are also open throughout the year. High season is in spring and autumn, with many hours of sunshine and temperatures around 20 degrees.
In summer it is very warm and dry, away from the blazing midday sun, ideal training conditions. The winter in Majorca is mild and temperatures often reach over 10 degrees. Active Golfers will especially this time of year when there is frost in northern Europe.
In the off season (winter and midsummer) you have to get a good chance tee times at the desired date. For high season (spring and fall), it may be that you have to resort to a different date. But at islandwide 24 golf courses, which are all within an hour, will certainly be an option.

Weather and best season in Mallorca