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Time and Time Zones

Spain and Mallorca are practically at the same longitude as Greenwich (the Greenwich meridian), but there is a difference of one hour from the United Kingdom. Thus, both Spain and Mallorca are in the same time zone as the rest of Central Europe.

Date: 01.12.2022
Time of day: 18:05 clock

Daylight Saving Time in Mallorca

Both Spain and Mallorca have introduced daylight saving time. Most smart devices will adjust automatically, but if your clock does not, keep in mind the rule of thumb: spring forward, fall back.

ZeitzoneMEZ (Mitteleuropäische Zeit)
CET (Central European Time)

Time zone

Because the time zones have grown historically and even today are not entirely coherent, here are some time zone designations. Mallorca uses the Central European Time (CET). The deviation to the UTC (Universal Time Coordinated, Coordinated Universal Time) is 1h, 2h in wintertime. The standard UTC zone of Mallorca is given as follows: UTC + 1.