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International Dressage Tournament 2015 in Mallorca

The dressage competition season 2015 is around the corner and for the second time, in collaboration with the Spanish Federation Equestre, the Finca "Es Fangar" opens its doors from June 12 - June 14, 2015 to the "BALEARIC TOUR - Dressage PUR".

The Finca "Es Fangar" is located between Felanitx and Manacor in the east of Majorca.
After the successful entry into the host role as dressage show organizers in 2014, those responsibles dare to step on the large floor of dressage sport and make the Balearic tour this year an international event!

A wide-ranging program of tournament for young horses up to the supreme discipline in dressage, the Grand Prix, awaits guests.
In addition to the ambitious testing program there is a full social program to get to know each other, discussions and social gatherings. Many exhibitors have already announced that they will be attending and offer the opportunity for a nice shopping experience within the tournament.

Distinguished guests from politics, business and society as well as media representatives from all areas are welcome to BALEARIC TOUR - Dressage PUR 2015.

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