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Opening times from 8am in Palma's "La Seu "

Twice a year, a spectacle of color and light, can be seen in the "Cathedral of Light" in Palma.

Every year on 2nd February (Candlemas) and 11th of November, at 8 am, a fascinating play of light, a "light-Eight" can be seen in the Cathedral of Palma. The rising sun projects a second rosette under the big rosette on the inside of the main facade. 1236 colorful glass pieces are shining on the opposite wall exactly as the original. It is a miracle of color and light that takes place twice a year in the"Cathedral of Light". On both dates, the Cathedral opens already at 8 in the morning. The rose, with its prime diameter of almost eleven meters, is regarded as the largest in the world. The rosette was built by Bishop Galiani in the 14th century.

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