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Refined Fun and Perfect Entertainment!

Mallorca is versatile, multifaceted, and always ready to take you by surprise, especially when it comes to gastronomy, nightlife and entertainment. Whatever your preference may be when it comes to eating, drinking, and entertainment, you’re sure to get your money’s worth. There are a lot of good, reasonably priced restaurants, as well as luxury restaurants, where renowned chefs offer their latest creations. Mallorca has also been known in recent years for its extensive coffee culture. You can have a quick café solo in the bar on the corner, or enjoy a leisurely café con leche with almond cake. Also, Mallorca's wine is an experience to talk about, and much appreciated by wine connoisseurs. Visit typical Mallorcan cellars to taste wine as it is made, and see the entire process for yourself. At night, Mallorca is unique, with countless cool bars and pubs, some of them located right on the beach, dance clubs, lounges and discos, jazz festivals, and much more.


Mallorca Restaurants

There are many dining options to choose from when staying in Mallorca. Whether you’re looking for traditional Spanish specialties or wanting to get away from the tourist centers and eat something truly unique, Mallorca has a wide variety of dining. Chow down on typical Mallorquin seafood options or enjoy some international fine dining. From top class dining to fast food, you’ll find something for every taste and budget. Be advised that the Spanish like to eat late. Lunch is served in most restaurants in the late afternoon, usually between 1.00pm and 3:30pm. Many restaurants do not open for dinner until much later, often around 8:00pm in the evening. When planning on eating out for dinner, get to the restaurant early or consider calling to reserve a table ahead of time, as the more popular places tend to fill up quickly. Many travelers wish to experience the typical cuisine of a country during their stay. Don’t skimp on trying traditional Mallorca fare, like lom amb col, which is pork wrapped in cabbage, or frit mallorqui, fried offal. If you’re looking for a truly unique Mallorca dining experience, look for old converted wine cellars that specialize in traditional Mallorcan cuisine. Look for them in market towns, like Inca and Sineu. Situated off the coast of Spain, Mallorca offers dining options that feature an international cuisine influenced by Europe and the rest of the world. Don’t be afraid to try German schnitzel or British fish and chips. Mallorca also boasts some great Japanese restaurants with fresh sushi. There’s even a Hard Rock Café on the island if you’re looking for some American fare.


Tapas Bars & Culture

Spain is proud of its tapas culture, where appetizers or snacks are served at bars; tapas restaurants abound in Mallorca. Tapas are the perfect bridge to keep you going before Spain’s notoriously late meal times. Enjoy cold tapas like (olives),(nuts), and (cheese) or hot chopitos, which are battered and fried baby squid. Tapas is a culture all its own, so be sure to read up on tapas before enjoying them.


Coffee Shops and Bakeries

For the Spanish, coffee is the most popular drink, right after water. The Mallorcans don’t often eat breakfast; they only have a cup of coffee, either black, "solo", or with milk, "cortado". Coffee shops have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, and many towns, especially Palma, have developed a wonderful coffee house culture. Starbucks and other international café brands have opened shops in Mallorca and can be found in the main tourist areas. You’ll also find lots of pastry shops with irresistible goodies on sale, and many bakeries, offering a wide variety of freshly baked bread, rolls and pretzels.

Bars & Lounges

Chill until the sun rises in an elegant setting in one of the most upmarket bars or lounges, with the sunset as background and a cocktail or a cool drink in your hand. Of course, the soundtracks of the most fashionable DJs will keep you company. Various casual cocktail parties are organized by many pubs during the evenings. All sorts of party people come to Mallorca, so you’re sure to find your crowd here. Mallorca’s bars and pubs have no equal. The hip places are full of life, and new trendy hangouts open every year. Especially in the old town of Palma, you’ll find many beautiful small bars where you can have a drink or enjoy some tapas. Chilling in Mallorca means that you do not eat before half past ten, you have a cocktail or a drink in a bar or pub, and only then, after midnight, go to a real Mallorcan dance party!

Wine, Bodegas & Cellars

Bodegas serve mainly wine, and frequently organize wine tastings. The special thing about bodegas is their atmosphere, with the slightly dim lighting and the scent of wine. Sometimes you’ll see large decorative hams hanging from the rafters. The wine cellars are the most Mallorcan setting, with their long tables and relaxed atmosphere, where you can enjoy a glass of wine among potbellied, ceiling-high barrels. Farmers used to meet in the cellars on market days, to drink a glass of wine from the barrel and to roast sausages over an open fire. Later on, the cellars offered simple dishes for sale, which evolved into a native cuisine tradition with rustic fare. Typical cellar dishes of modern-day Mallorca are snails (caracoles) and frito mallorquin, a stew made of offal and potatoes. The winemaking tradition of the Balearic Islands goes back to Roman times. The wines from the regions of Binissalem and the Llevant carry the origin and quality seal "Denominació d'Origen". The area around Binissalem produces mainly red and rose wines. Most Mallorcan wines are produced from a type of grape known as the Manto Negro. The southern part of the island supplies the white wines: quite substantial, not too refined, making a strong match to Mallorcan cuisine. Wine connoisseurs appreciate the wines offered by various bodegas, such as Franja Roja, owned by the Ferrer brothers in Binissalem, Jaume Mesquida in Porreres, Bedegues Miquel Oliver in Petra and Vins Miguel Gelabert in Manacor.

Clubs, Nightlife and Parties

Those who want to dance the night away will feel right at home in Mallorca. The party scene of the island begins late, often only after 11 o’clock in the evening. Recently, the government has introduced a limit for noise, and since then many parties have moved from the outside indoors, from the beaches to the clubs and discos. Clubs come in all shapes and sizes. Chic clubs and bars for the cultured elite can be found mainly in Portal Nous, also known as the St. Tropez of the Balearics. Tourists as well as locals crowd into the famous discotheques all night long: some are mega dance temples, others are small clubs, some play house, techno, live music, hits of the day – anyone who wants to party, no matter with what music, will be right at home in Mallorca.

Fast Food

If you’re looking for a quick meal, tapas are always a good option and can keep you full. However, if you need something really quick and to go, there are many popular chain fast food eateries available on the island that will save you time and money.

Jazz in Mallorca

In Mallorca, you can experience the entire spectrum of jazz. Big stars from the American jazz scene, such as Larry Carlton, Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke, and local talent and well-known bands on tour stop here frequently, and appear at festivals, or play in jazz clubs and small, intimate bars all over the island. If you hope to see some of the biggest stars, you should try during the summer season, when many jazz festivals are organized in various towns. Otherwise, Mallorca, especially in Palma, has many dedicated jazz clubs that offer an interesting program even during the winter season.