Enjoy and Experience Diving in Mallorca

Diving Destination Mallorca

Diving in Mallorca! Colorful fish, corals, octopuses and sometimes even dolphins! Diving trips to shipwrecks, caves and caverns! Discover the fish-rich dive sites and hidden underwater world of the Mediterranean. The south western and eastern coasts of Mallorca are particularly gorgeous. Some of the most popular diving spots around the island are Sa Dragonera in front of Port D' Andratx or the Roche Bay, near Cala Ratjada. The crystal clear waters allow almost perfect views, and the rich underwater flora and fauna delight young and old nearly all year round. There’s something for everyone to enjoy in the right Mallorcan landscape – caves, shipwrecks, steep cliff walls or reefs – come check it out!

Boat dives

Many of the best diving sites of Mallorca can only be reached by boat. Typically, these are inflatable vessels, with a solid hull – the most cost-efficient solution, because mooring fees are high, and most dive centers have to close down during the winter months. Fortunately, most of the diving sites can be easily and conveniently reached by inflatable boats. Make sure you prepare correctly, as diving from boats is somewhat trickier, since your body does not have sufficient time to adjust to the new conditions.

Checklist for a good boat dive:

  • Oxygen tank
  • Emergency kit
  • Radio
  • Two engines
  • A stable ladder
  • Mounting options for equipment
  • Experienced, certified operator

Criteria for a Good Boat Dive

When going for a dive from a boat, there are several things you have to keep in mind – and some of these may reduce your comfort, but they’ll definitely increase your safety level. Check if there is an oxygen tank on board, and also radio and GPS so you can call for help immediately, in case of emergencies. The boat should have two engines, in case one of them fails during the trip, and the operator should be able to present the required permits for the service. If all criteria are met, then you’re ready to go and enjoy your boat dive – an experience you surely won’t regret.

Shore Dive

Although boat dives are the most popular option in Mallorca, there are plenty of dive sites that can be reached from land as well. Outside the high season, when most boats have been decommissioned for the winter months, this may be the only starting point for a diving session. You should always begin by contacting a diving center, in order to learn about the best places where you can dive from the shore. The path from the parking lot to the sea can be quite cumbersome with equipment under certain circumstances.

Best Season

The best season for tourists in Mallorca starts in late April or early May and lasts until October. This also has an impact on the diving opportunities. During this time, all diving centers and hotels are open. You should be wary of going on a diving trip to Mallorca spontaneously, without proper accommodations, especially during the main holiday months of July and August. Make sure you have the right contacts, and make the appropriate reservations at the diving centers. If possible, try to book your diving vacation off season. With the appropriate equipment, you can dive even during the winter months, but, between November and March, you can expect to find many diving centers closed. Finding a room may also be a challenge, since many hotels are also closed during winter – so make sure you inquire in advance.

Months Warnings
April - June Expect good visibility up to 30 m, but the water is a little cold (in spring, it’s at an average of 14°C).
July/August During summer and the holiday season, the water is warmer (28°C), and the visibility should still be good.
Sept. - Okt. Towards the end of the season, the water can be very warm, with an increased chance of running into lots of jellyfish.
Nov. - March Many diving centers are closed during the winter, so check in advance to see if your favorite ones stay open. Some hotels also close down for the winter.



Mallorca is not a low-wage country. This has understandably made an impact ​​on diving prices as well. A single diving session, including the equipment rental and insurance, can reach 50 EUR. As a rule, booking multiple sessions will lower the prices considerably. If you bring your own equipment the sessions will be cheaper, but you’ll incur other costs, such as those of transportation. There are many interesting services provided on the island, such as the diving shuttle service, which will pick you from the hotel and take you back, or lockers for your own equipment, so that you don’t have to carry it around every day. Ask in advance what’s on offer as you might find something suitable.




In Mallorca there is a legal requirement that each diver should pay for a special type of insurance:
  • pressure chamber usage fee
  • and/or diving accident insurance

The diving operators have to pay an annual maintenance fee for the privately operated pressure chamber in Palma, and this fee is in turn distributed to the divers as separate insurance. Diving insurance costs about 6 EUR per day, lower for frequent divers who want to pay monthly or annual rates. Since the insurance is not standardized, make sure you understand what you pay for and what’s covered, such as the number of divers on one insurance policy or the medical supplies and treatments.