Weather in Mallorca in April

How is the weather in Mallorca in April?

It is the beginning of spring in Mallorca so the weather continues to improve. 12 to 13 degrees C is to be expected for the average temperature at the beginning of the month, but by the end of the month it has climbed to 15 to 16 degrees C. Highs can reach 18 degrees C at the start of the month, but, by the end of April it can reach 21 degrees C. It occasionally attains 24 degrees C. Low temperatures start at 7 degrees C but only drop to 10 degrees C by the final days of the month. Temperatures rarely fall lower than this.
The average sea temperature is not particularly high at 16 degrees C so swimming in the sea is for hardier souls.
There’s only a small chance of rain, although it can be quite cloudy.
The number of sunshine hours per day depends on the cloud cover, but the average is 10 hours per day. An average of four foggy days is possible.
Light clothing is fine for daytime, with a little extra for the evening. A light showerproof coat may come in handy.
April is a good month for strolling and sightseeing, but, for a change, a bike ride or boat trip will ensure that you see Mallorca from a different angle!

Months min. Temp. max. Temp. Water temperature Hours of
Rain days
Mallorca weather April 7°C 44°F 19°C 66°F 15°C 7 5