Weather in Mallorca in August

How is the weather in Mallorca in August?

August is very hot in Mallorca and is one of the months most popular for a holiday. This is due to the extreme likelihood of the weather being least changeable at this time of the year; in other words, it’s clear skies and high temperatures all the way. At the beginning of the month the temperature starts at an average of 25 degrees C and falls to 23 to 24 degrees C by the end of the month. Highs can hit 30 degrees C or even higher; although highs of 34 degrees C do occur, it seldom happens. Lows remain around 19 degrees C with few variations on that temperature.
There is little or no rain during August, so rainproof clothing is unnecessary.
Sea temperatures average around 26 degrees C, making swimming very attractive and a great way to be refreshed during times of high humidity. Humidity in August ranges from 46% to 94%.
Obviously, warm clothing is not needed, so packing will consist of light summer clothing with plenty of shorts, tee shirts and vest tops for both men and women. Like in all other sunny months sunscreen is definitely necessary.
Needless to say, most visitors spend a great deal of time on the beach, but it is advisable to find shade during the hottest part of the day.

Months min. Temp. max. Temp. Water temperature Hours of
Rain days
Mallorca weather August 18°C 64°F 29°C 84°F 25°C 10 3