Weather in Mallorca in January

How is the weather in Mallorca in January?

January falls in the middle of winter in Mallorca. While it is not freezing cold like countries in northern Europe, the temperature at night can fall to 5 degrees C. The average temperature is 10 degrees C but it sometimes rises to 15 degrees C. While the temperature is comparatively mild, winters can be quite stormy.
Holidaying in January in Majorca does not include swimming in the sea, as the temperature of the water is about 6 degrees C.
There is an average rainfall in January of 43mm, an average of 11 rainy days, as well as five foggy days. The sun appears for an average of two hours.
Having said all this, there is usually a period of calm, ‘La Calma’, which means that there is less wind and rain and the skies are a clear blue.
The weather means that a traditional beach holiday is not really feasible, but is fine for sightseeing and strolling. Light clothes for daytime and warm ones for evening will fit the bill.
The weather shouldn’t affect enjoyment of Mallorca’s main festivals. These include the Three Kings Celebration (Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos) on 5th January, the Festival of Sant Antoni on the 16th and 17th January, and Festes de Sant Sebastia, Patron Saint of Palma, on 20th January.

Weather data for the month of January
Months min. Temp. max. Temp. Water temperature Hours of
Rain days
Mallorca weather January 4°C 39°F 14°C 57°F 14°C 5 8