Weather in Mallorca in June

How is the weather in Mallorca in June?

June is a great month to enjoy a sunshine holiday in Mallorca. Temperatures start at 18 to 19 degrees C rising to 23 degrees C by the end of the month. High temperatures range from 25 to 28 degrees C, and lows range from 14 to 17 degrees C. Temperatures can exceed the high and low temperatures, but this doesn’t happen very often.
Sea temperatures averaging 21 degrees C means that sea bathing is very enjoyable.
It is unlikely that rain will be encountered, as the chances of rain fall from 22% to 14%.
Humidity in Mallorca drops drastically by the end of June, from 95% to 46%. Average sunshine hours come in at 12 hours per day.
Holiday clothing will include summer dresses, shorts, tee shirts and swimming attire for women, and shorts, tee shirts and bathing shorts for men. Both will wish to take something special for enjoyable evenings out at Mallorca’s fantastic restaurants and places of entertainment.
Lots of time will, no doubt, be spent on the beach, but Mallorca has such a plethora of cultural attractions, theme parks and great shopping that some time should definitely be allotted for these!

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Mallorca weather June 15°C 59°F 26°C 78°F 21°C 10 2