Weather in Mallorca in November

How is the weather in Mallorca in November?

Although temperatures continue to drop in November, with the average temperature at 14 degrees C, Mallorca is still a pleasant place to take a holiday. November in Mallorca feels like May in northern Europe; winters are nowhere near as harsh as those in the northern part of the continent. Highs can climb to 19 degrees C and lows drop down to 8 degrees C when darkness falls.
Because the sea temperature is at an average of 8 degrees C swimming is not a comfortable way to spend leisure time, although strolling along the beach would be very pleasant.
Rainfall also increases in November, with an average of 12 days of rain in the month. Rain is therefore possible during a holiday in Mallorca in November.
It is possible to walk around during the day in a tee shirt, but warmer clothes are required in the evening. Waterproofs and an umbrella are necessary too.

Months min. Temp. max. Temp. Water temperature Hours of
Rain days
Mallorca weather November 8°C 46°F 18°C 64°F 18°C 5 8