Weather in Mallorca in October

How is the weather in Mallorca in October?

Autumn is now underway in Mallorca; however average temperatures of 20 degrees C at the start of the month, dropping to 16 degrees by the end of the month mean that early to middle October is still a good time to take a sunshine holiday. Temperatures may reach a high of 25 to 21 degrees C and lows are between 15 and 11 degrees C. They rarely get higher or lower than this.
Cloud cover ranges from 37% to 41% and, with the increasing cloud cover, the sea temperature drops to 22 degrees C. Most people will still find this comfortable for swimming, while some may feel that it is too cool for sea bathing. Humidity averages 55% to 97% and can even reach 100%.
As far as rainfall is concerned, October is the wettest month, and chances of rain increase as the month progresses.
On a brighter note, there are still eight sunshine hours in the day, so sunbathing and swimming are still very much the norm.
Light daytime clothing, and, of course, swimsuits and swim shorts, is still necessary, but it is a good idea to take waterproofs and an umbrella too, to cope with intermittent spells of rain.

Months min. Temp. max. Temp. Water temperature Hours of
Rain days
Mallorca weather October 13°C 55°F 23°C 73°F 21°C 6 7