What to do in Mallorca?

A holiday in Mallorca is much more than just a beach holiday. There are extensive opportunities to stay active and practice various sports. The island location is ideal for water sports, including sailing, windsurfing, water skiing or diving. During the seasons of spring and autumn, hiking and cycling are particularly popular. Golfers, riders, and tennis players can also enjoy the long warm season, which allows them to play late into the autumn.

Water Sports: Sailing and Diving

Mallorca is a favorite location for water sports not just because it’s an island, but also thanks to the crystal clear waters that surround it, protected by spectacular cliffs and beautiful sandy beaches. The more experienced divers prefer the rocky coasts. In addition to numerous sailing and surfing schools, you’ll also find various rental businesses for the required gear. Water skiing is not yet very popular, but can be found in the southern part of Mallorca.


Mallorca is a golfer's paradise! It offers more than 20 golf courses that are spread throughout the island. Because of the mild climate, the golf season is very long. The golf courses are nestled in the beautiful landscape, from the rocky north to the flat beaches in the south – each of them offers a different background for the game. There are many offers for beginners or professionals alike, some of them including golf lessons, or even flights and hotel accommodation.

Golf Courses in Mallorca


Riding has a long tradition in Mallorca, and you can see this reflected in the numerous stables that are scattered all over the island. Because of that, you don’t have to restrict your vacation to a specific part of the island – you can enjoy the varied landscape, the beaches as well as the quiet hinterland, by hiring horses and moving around. Riding classes are available for beginners, and, of course, children will have fun riding ponies.

Riding on Mallorca


Hiking is one of the most popular activities in Mallorca. Especially in the mountainous north west (Serra de Tramuntana), one can find lots of different routes, from very simple to very sophisticated. For climbers there are peaks to enjoy, or descents into canyons. The tours are rather underestimated – it is highly recommended to join groups with a local guide, in order to find the best locations. Even if the landscape is mild, plan your hiking carefully, with the appropriate clothes and food and other supplies at hand.